Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tower 42

Here is Elizabeth getting all lathered up with Water Babies lotion for her big day at the beach! (And by "the beach" I mean El Porto...just south of Tower 42 in front of Alfredo's Snack Stand, of course!) After circling the parking lot FOUR times for a parking spot, (why do surfers have to take an hour and a half to strip out of their wet suits, load up their boards, and pack up their gear?!?) Peter, Elizabeth, and I met up with the J's (sans Julia) for a couple of hours in the sun. Elizabeth was not super-fond of the ocean water (we just dipped her feet in), but she was fascinated by it and she seemed to enjoy the sun and sand.
Here are a few pictures of her with Mommy, Auntie P, Auntie Sammy, Hunkie D, and Daddy!
(By the time she landed in Daddy's arms, she was dunzo and ready for a big nap!) Enjoy!

P.S. Yes...that is, in fact, a Texas Longhorn swimsuit and matching sun hat! Awwww...


Lindsay said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time at the beach. Can't wait till we can be there and our babies will be making sand castles! Fun times!

Ms. Roberts said...

love the hat Peter is wearing.