Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back-up Lovey

As many of you know, Elizabeth has a "lovey" named Mo (which is actually short for his full name, "Seymour") And, well...somewhere along the way, we accumulated 7 (yes, SEVEN) "back-up" MOs. You know...just in case. And now she sleeps with all of them on her bed! And, believe me, she notices if one of them is missing, as they are all completely distinguishable by her from one another. So much for the "back-up" plan.

Anyway, when Ashley came along, we decided on "Puppers" as her lovey, and I didn't do such a great job of planning ahead on the "back-up" situation. Upon finally decided to go ahead and purchase the back-up guy, I learned that Puppers was a discontinued lovey. (OOPS!) I eventually found him on eBay for about twice the price as the original...and considered myself lucky to find him at all!
Until last week, the back-up Puppers sat in the top of Ashley's closet, untouched...and, though I should probably not admit to this, her original Puppers had NEVER had a bath! Not 18 months! YIKES!
Needless to say, I was a little skeptical about whether the "back-up" imposter Puppers would pass the smell/feel test and be deemed an acceptable alternate "Puppoo" while her TRUE "Puppoo" was getting his first washing-machine bath. However, as you can tell by this photo, there was no need for concern at all.
Operation Puppoo Switcheroo = SUCCESS!!!

Double Bounce

Some days I get lucky and get a few pieces of fun on film! :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The REAL First Day of Preschool! was the Big Day!

Elizabeth started her first day of preschool! And she handled it like a pro! After a special First Day of School Breakfast with the Family (a tradition borrowed from Auntie P), she got dressed in her brand new school outfit (courtesy of Grammy & PopPop) and posed for pictures out in the front yard.

Got some great photos due to Elizabeth being a little silly and cracking herself up!

Thanks to a quick shutter, I was able to capture the naturally giggly moments on camera!

When we arrived at school, I parked along the street and we got out of the car and went to the other side to get Ashley out. I told E, "Let me get Ashley out of the car and I'll help you with your backpack." But Little Miss Independent responded, "That's okay...I can do it myself!" And she slipped her arms into the straps with confidence! :-)

We then crossed the street where she posed in front of the doors for another picture.

Then, we made our way down the hall, and I followed her into the classroom. She found the cubbies and cheerfully hung her own backpack on a hook!
She turned around to survey the room as if she were wondering, "Now...what should I do first?"

...and then, after a brief goodbye, she was off to play!

With Ashley in my arms, I slipped out the room, down the hall, exited the building, and made it all the way to the car before I let loose with buckets of tears!!!!

My baby is not a baby anymore...and today marks her first day of school...for the rest of her life!! (Drama Queen much? I think, yes! But then Dad calmed me down with his reassurance that "One of the most important parts of the being a parent is letting go just a little at a time. You're doing a good thing." Thanks, Dad-O!)

When I picked her up, she was all smiles! Had nothing but great things to say about school, and seemed to really enjoy herself! Throughout the rest of the day, she would give me more and more little details about the days happenings. I learned that she listened to three stories (one was about monkeys!), she rode the elevator to the playground(!), and she got to pass out cups at snack!

As I put her to bed tonight, she spontaneously announced, "I'm really excited to go back to school tomorrow!"...and I had to break it to her that, in reality, her next school day is not until Tuesday---which, in the mind of a 3-year-old, is about 100 "tomorrows" away!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goofy Girlies

Sunday after church, Elizabeth and Ashley were goofing around, holding hands and kind of wandering and dancing around the living room and kitchen. There isn't much to see, really...and even less to understand (b/c E is sing-songing a rhythm in some kind of made up gibberish that I couldn't even begin to translate), but I thought this video was kind of sweet. Enjoy!

Side note: We went back to Trinity Methodist Sunday (on the day of the Blessing of the Backpacks!...Hooray for no more evil-doing backpacks!...except E didn't bring hers, so the threat-level of her backpack may still be in question! OOPS!) and there were TONS of kids there! 20 kids in Elizabeth's 3- and 4-year-old class alone! And we really enjoyed the service and the message. So...we may have a winner!

Meet the Teacher (aka First Day of Preschool PRACTICE Run!)

This morning was Elizabeth's "Teacher Meet & Greet" at The Day School! And was she ever excited!!!

Of course, all the pictures I tried to take of her standing on the front porch turned out completely goofy!

See Exhibit A:

So I finally got a close up after telling her "don't try so hard to smile" and this is what she came up with...LOL

We arrived at her school at 8:58am (the open house started at 9am) and we were the first ones in the room (shocker, I know!) ;-)
Anyway, Elizabeth impressed her teachers with her good "make a friend" manners ("Hi, I'm's nice to meet you.") and then she made herself right at home in the kitchen play area...with her little sister!

She put on an apron, "cut" some cookie dough, and topped the cookie pieces with pretend icing. Then, she spotted a little container of animals on the table. She began removing the animals and lining them up in a row. When I asked what she was doing, she said "I'm very busy sorting out the farm animals." LOL
We stayed for about 25 minutes or so, met a few parents and other classmates, and explored the classroom.
When I suggested that it was probably time for us to go, she responded with an oddly mature, "Oh....well...I'm not quite ready." It made me laugh...but I just reassured her that we would be back on Thursday. We said goodbye and left.

She is very much looking forward to Thursday morning for her official first day of preschool. I hope drop-off goes well! :-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Froot Loop Fun!

This morning, we made a run to the market and, along with E's favorite "Honey Bunches of Oats with Cinnamon Bunches", we picked up a fun-size variety pack of what I affectionately refer to as "junky cereals". This included two boxes of Froot Loops. (Side note: Is it just me...or has anyone else ever noticed that the cereal is spelled Froot Loops instead of Fruit Loops? I hadn't noticed until recently!)
Anyway, when we got home, we had lunch and then Elizabeth pointed to the variety pack and asked to try some cereal with no milk. The box she chose was Froot Loops. She took them out of the package, and it gave me an idea!
Why not try to show her how to make a color pattern necklace! Then she can eat it when we are done! She was ALL about it! So I got out some ribbon and began showing her how to lace the Os onto the ribbon, one at a time. At first, I was ambitiously committed to the color pattern idea. But then it became more and more obvious that this was going to take the patience of Job! Patience that my three and a half year old simply does not possess! So, we quickly abandoned the patterning in favor of the more immediately gratifying "put on any color as fast as you can" approach! Ta-DA!!!
When we were done, I tied it around her neck and she suggested, "I think we need to take a picture and send it to Grandma and Grammy!" (Sorry Grandpa and PopPop...apparently you two are just silent sidekicks in this scenario!) So...that's exactly what we did!
And then she ate them all up! Every. Last. One.

Morning Ritual

Welcome to our Morning Ritual. Daddy leaves the door open when he goes out to his car so the girls can press their noses against the glass and wave good-bye! Today, they were back-and-forthing "Bye Daddy"s for a while before I got the camera out to record it, but you can get the idea.

Do you think Daddy has any idea how much he is LOVED??? ;-)

Prairie Girls

Last week, we made a little day trip to the site of the Battle of Bull Run! (Yeah...I admit it would not have been my first thought either, but our friend, Chris, was visiting and he is a Civil War buff!) was a GORGEOUS day and it turned out to be a nice spot for a picnic and some really cute pictures. Cue the "Little House on the Prairie Music...Bum-bum-ba-da...Bum-ba-da...Bum-bum ba-da...Ba-da-da-da-dum...Ba-da!"