Friday, June 15, 2007

Purple's Little Friend

As I continue to upload pictures of Elizabeth onto our computer, I am realizing that I am also compiling quite a collection of photos of Elizabeth's little friend, Beckett! The Beckster (son of Lindsay and Nathan) is just two months younger than The Purp, but don't call him a LITTLE guy at all (or Nathan will clobber you! haha!) Seriously though, he's packing on the pounds and growing like a weed--making E look downright scrawny! (That's okay, will help her feel dainty and feminine! haha!) Anyway, here are a few adorable photos of Beckett with his Mom and Dad...and one by himself looking all manly as he naps in his stroller! Too cute!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I need to get some of those pictures from you. It was fun to talk to you today...and we're excited to be together soon! Have a great weekend!

Ms. Roberts said...

Ha ha, that's right. A true Roberts, packing on the pounds. P.S., Elizabeth is so pretty! I don't know if babies are supposed to be called pretty, but I think she is! :)