Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sticky Scene

It was a little chaotic in our house the other night. The girls were running around wearing "superhero capes"...and then suddenly, we were aware that we only heard the pitter-patter of ONE set of footprints. (And actually, it was just one set of TIPPY-TOES, since Elizabeth never really walks on her whole foot!)

Peter and I looked up from the sofa, where we had been viewing a video clip on the computer, and saw THIS:
Ashley, still in her "cape," peeling off the backs of some of Elizabeth's foam monkey-stickers and sticking them directly onto the hardwood floor to make a "sticky scene!"

Eek!!! Those things are little boogers to peel OFF the floor! But, instead of scolding her, for some reason we all found it hilarious and we had a good laugh about it--and even let Elizabeth encourage her in her naughtiness. As Peter likes to say, "That's good parentin' there, Lou!"