Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Splash!

Since summer officially arrived last week, we decided it was about time to purchase a pool for the backyard.

(Okay, so maybe the term "pool" is a little generous! We're not exactly digging a giant hole or erecting a ladder to climb into an above-ground monstrosity!) We're talking the $24 CVS Pharmacy-variety blow-up "family fun pool"! Woohoo!!!

So here are a couple of pictures of Elizabeth enjoying a little afternoon soak.

(This was later in the day following our morning at the beach... when we eventually gave up on braving the cold ocean water and opted for lounging and cocktails by the pool instead!) We have a few more photos, but Peter and I decided that we are just too vain (and blubbery!) to post any of the ones that actually show evidence of said blubber! Anyway, she wasn't too sure about this whole pool idea at first, but she seemed to dig it after a while. We're keeping it up for a few days so Lindsay and Beckett can come play in it on Wednesday! Hooray!

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Lindsay said...

I'm super excited for it!!!