Sunday, March 23, 2014

Author Bio

So...Daddy has a forthcoming book in publication and he has to provide a bio for his About the Author page. It was proving to be a bit of a struggle, so I decided to let the girls take a stab at it. Here is what they came up with:

"P**** ******* likes to type, talk, and read his books and play with his little girls and keep the house neat and do shopping at Costco and type messages and look up on the Internet on the iPad. Daddy loves to play BeJeweled, Angry Birds Go!, and other kinds of Angry Birds games. He loves us so much and he takes care of us and likes to play with us. He also likes to play rugby and watch other sports on TV. Daddy is very friendly and he is the awesomest Daddy in the whole wide history of Daddies. Daddy works at the National Defense University and he loves work. He goes to work with a smile on his face and comes home with a smile on his face. Daddy is very smart and knows lots of countries. And he loves doing country puzzles with us and teaches us the countries at bedtime. We love Daddy!"

Brilliant! Couldn't have said it any better myself! Well...except maybe the "keep the house neat" part! Not sure where THAT came from. I think the girls might be under the impression that simply TALKING about cleaning the house makes their parents some sort of NEAT FREAKS or something! That is decidedly NOT the case with us...but...ah well...why burst the bubble of the little ones?

Anyway, I kind of think this is a much better and more accurate picture of Peter than the "official" bio that will be included in the book. So I wanted to preserve it here.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Ashley

First...has it really been nearly 2 years since my last blog post??? EEK! Well...better late than never, I suppose!

Hear ye, hear ye!
Princess Ashley turned 5 on Saturday! 

We celebrated with a royal ball in her honor and welcomed 12 princess guests
 into the kingdom to join in the festivities!

Many arrived in princess attire, but others were invited to choose a dress from the selection provided!

Then we played Princess Walk! (Walk around in a circle until the music stops! Then stand on a princess square. Elizabeth calls out the name of a princess, and if you are standing on that princess, you win a prize! Game continues until EVERYONE wins! HOORAY!)

Big Sister Elizabeth (dressed as Merida) was a huge helper! She called out the winning princess and helped identify the winners!

Next, we played Pin the Crown on the Princess!

And we sang Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl...and had princess rainbow cupcakes with strawberry frosting!

Then, we had princess playtime in the GORGEOUS 65-degree weather! I mention this specifically because, as I am typing this less than 48 hours later, we are under a Winter Storm Watch and school has been canceled for tomorrow morning due to the expected 4-5 inches of snow on St. Patrick's Day!!!

A FABULOUS birthday party for our happy little princess...and a good time was had by all!