Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monkey on Parade

Halloweekend for us was jam-packed with non-stop fun-filled festivities!
Mom and girls ready for the neighborhood parade to begin! We're told the parade has been a family tradition in our neighborhood for over 40 years!
Gathering with neighbors to start the parade!
Following the crowd down Roswell Drive from Hillsman to Shelby Court. About halfway down the street, E asked "Where is the parade?" I had to explain to her that she WAS the parade! LOL

Following the parade, Elizabeth was awarded 3rd place for her age group in the costume contest!

We think it was a combination of her many "accessories" (a bow "so that people will know I'm a girl monkey"...a banana "so people will know I'm a monkey and not a mouse"...and a Mo "so people will know I'm a MOMMY monkey"!) and the endearing little determined look on her face as she marched around the circle!

It's hard to describe...but watch for yourself and you'll see that she was taking her task of "parading" around the circle very seriously. And she was insistent that she perform the task ALONE without Mommy walking her around. Toward the end, she even started to get her groove on a little bit. Maybe that was just the thing to tip the judging in her favor! At any rate...she was very pleasantly surprised (as were we!) when she was named one of the WINNERS! :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heather's Wedding Weekend

We had a great time this past weekend at my cousin Heather's wedding in Houston! Well...some of us did anyway!

Here are some highlights (and lowlights) of the wedding day!

The happy couple just after tying the knot!

After the ceremony outside the church...

Janeann & Jennifer waiting for pictures...

Atrial fibrulation landed Dad-o in the hospital the morning of the wedding. Here we are visiting him between the ceremony and reception. He's now out of the hospital and feeling great at home!

Together at the reception...

...and visiting with Peter's parents!

Richard & Heather on their way to Happily Ever After...

Double Blogging

I have to apologize for lagging behind on this blog due to the fact that I post frequently on facebook--so it becomes a bit of a "double blog" to upkeep both sites.

Then I remind myself that there are some of you who don't get to see the stuff on facebook. So it is with you NON-facebookers in mind—along with the idea that I can drone on about mundane topics in this format without risk of being DE-friended—that I am resolving to Blog On!

Without further ado...I give you Today's Rainy Day Activity #37:Fairy Princess Dress-Up!

Here is a video that shows the kind of fun that can be had while dressed as a Fairy Princess...again and again and again! (Memory card on the camera was full before the fun was finished recording...but you'll get the idea!)