Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making MORE Words...

No commentary on this one...just wanted to share the process as it continued.

I give you...Fun with Word Families! :-)

"I'm a WORD Maker!"

Today, I bought a vintage Fisher-Price school house. (E has been commenting that she has a school bus but no school for them to drive I caved and found this one for $15 (thanks, Craigslist--and clueless seller who has no idea that these go for $50+ on eBay!) And Mom...I know you have one of these, but if I let you send us ALL your fisher-price gems, what would the girls do at YOUR house?!?! ;-))

Anyway, Elizabeth and Ashley played with the house and little people for a while when we got home. But when Ashley went to bed, Elizabeth started playing around with the magnetic letters that came with the house.

And, just as she started doing in the bathtub the other night, Elizabeth began making words with the magnets!

The enthusiasm E is showing on this video speaks for itself! ;-) She is SOOOOOO excited to be a WORD MAKER! :-)