Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Portraits

It was so great to have both sets of grandparents in town for Elizabeth's birthday! We even remembered to take pictures of the whole crew...and think they turned out great!Here we are with Grandma and Grandpa!

And here we are with Grammy and Pop-Pop!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elizabeth on Parade!

Yesterday was an exciting day at our house! For most of the past week, Elizabeth has been practicing walking back and forth from one person to the other--and doing very well! But yesterday, Elizabeth took four steps across the room AWAY from Mommy all by herself! (Of course, you'll have to just take my word on that since she and I were the only two witnesses and I couldn't grab the camera fast enough to document the milestone event!) When she stopped, she simply stood there for about a half second, carefully lowered her little bottom to the ground, then turned around to grin at Mommy as if to say, "Did you see what I just did?!?!"

Since I don't have "first steps" pictures, we'll just have to settle for this one of her practicing her pageant wave as though she is the Queen of the Rose Parade! She spends about half of her playtime climbing on and off of this little airplane ride-on that Grandma and Grandpa got her for her birthday...and the other half on a little ride-on/pushtoy that Nancy, Dick, Sharon, and Bill got her, or opening and closing the door to her little coupe! She LOVES those things!

Rollin' Wit My Homies...

Hunka D and Auntie P gave Elizabeth this cool sporty pink coupe for her first birthday! (And Hunka D even assembled it! Woohoo!)

From the looks of things, I'd say she likes being behind the wheel! Of course, this means when she comes whining to us about wanting a car for her Sweet 16, we can tell her she already has one! Hooray!...thanks, guys! Haha!

Oh...and hey, watch out! Looks like she may be just one bottle of milk away from being as much of a hazard on the road as Britney these days, y'all! YIKES!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Having Her Cake...And Eating It, Too!

Of course, we could not let Elizabeth's birthday come and go without the obligatory and much-anticipated (not to mention, adorably messy!) "one-year-old smashing cake into her face" photos! So here they are for your viewing enjoyment!When we set a MONSTER piece in front of her (chocolate cake courtesy of Betty Crocker...perfectly-iced chocolate frosted coating provided by Grandpa...and writing and decorative touches piped by Mommy!), Elizabeth was very hesitant to reach out for it. You see, somehow Mommy trained her a while ago (inadvertently, I might add) not to reach out to grab for food when she is being fed,, even on this monumentally special occasion, she just sat there and stared at it expectantly as it sat in front of her.
It actually took quite a bit of encouraging before she very hesitantly raked her fingertips over the top layer of the cake. But, as evidenced by these pictures, once she got a taste of it--there was just NO stopping her!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Elizabeth Katherine is ONE YEAR OLD today! And both Daddy and I are finding it hard to believe that a year has passed by so quickly! (I know our friends with kids in college are saying "Tell me about it!" haha!) But the year has not gone by without us realizing again and again--and being thankful for--how much God has blessed us with this sweet little girl in our lives! Thank you again to all our family and friends for your love and support throughout this year and for many years to come!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Where's Daddy?

Well...he's in D.C. for a couple of days! But he'll be back tomorrow! When Elizabeth woke up this morning, as we headed down the hall to our bedroom, she said "Daddy?"...but he wasn't there. She even lifted the sheets where Daddy usually sleeps to double-check. The expression on her face was a cute little mixture of confusion and disappointment. It was darling...and looked a little bit like this!
Both Mommy and Elizabeth will be happy when Daddy is home again!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Got Skillz?

This video posting is long overdue (sorry, Matt!) I promised that I would post it just as soon as we returned home from our trip to Austin. And I just forgot to do it! So...without further delay, I present to you "Elizabeth's Skillz"--with clever and witty commentary provided by Elizabeth's cousin Matt!

What's So Funny?

I don't know...but Elizabeth and Beckett are in on the secret, and it's making them GIGGLE!

(Sidenote: Want to know more about Beckett?...follow this link to Lindsay's blog

Friday, November 2, 2007

Serious Jumper!

We're not playing around anymore, folks!

None of those dainty little hops or half-hearted toe-wiggles of days gone by! You can see by the focus, the energy, the determination in her eyes...when Elizabeth is in the jumper, she means business!

Very Busy Day!

Elizabeth's goal for Halloween Day was to get maximum usage out of her costume! After all, we can't imagine when she will need to be a pumpkin again in the near future, so she pretty much spent all day (except for naps!) in her little orange suit!

First, she engaged in her daily ritual of removing--one at a time--each book on her bookshelf and transferring them to their rightful positions on her floor. (Halloween bib courtesy of "Grandpa Dick")

Then, we went to visit "Auntie Julia"--who, herself, was dressed up as The Fourth of July for Halloween. (Don't ask--it's complicated!)
When we arrived, Elizabeth bolted straight for the stairs and crawled all the way up.

She was pretty proud of herself once she reached the top!

Next, we were off to "Grandma Nancy's" house for a little attention.

And, "Auntie P" stopped by to add her Ooohs and Aaahs as well.

And, finally, we returned home just in time to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

I'd say we got our money's
worth...wouldn't you?