Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Face of Mischief...

For all those who have ever wondered if Elizabeth has a "tell" when she is about to do something mischievous...(you know, like the gambler whose hand twitches when he has a good poker hand, or the criminal who blinks too much when he's telling a lie)...she absolutely does! Take a look at this sweet little "Look at me...I'm so cute and innocent" expression (but take note of her eyes darting to the right), and then take a look at the very next action that happened in the blink-of-an-eye!

Good thing Mommy and Daddy are two steps ahead of her...for now! We had already positioned the faucet so that if she does manage to turn it on, it won't land in the tub! GENIUS! ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

no offence mum but it was not her face I was hoping to see can you show her pussy please