Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life is a picnic...

...or, at least it was yesterday!
Elizabeth and I went to the Annual Westchester Lutheran 2nd Grade Picnic at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach to visit "Grandma Nancy"--(for those who don't know...Nancy and I taught 2nd grade there together for five years, and she now plays the role of Elizabeth's California Grandma!)--and we had a great time! Elizabeth wore a pretty sunhat and some spf 50 Water Babies lotion and seemed to enjoy herself immensely. Not surprisingly, however, Mommy seemed to forget to cover HERSELF in suntan lotion OR wear a hat, so she came back with a pretty little sunburn! OUCH!

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Jennifer said...

Get used to that stupidity. I am very diligent about screening the kids but I get burned at least once a year for not thinking to do the same for myself... We mommies need to take better care of ourselves!