Sunday, August 8, 2010

Date Night!

This isn't a post about the children either...but rather the lack of children on our DATE NIGHT to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!

Cheers to 15 wonderful years together...and to Devon, our built-in babysitter next door! (One more year until she is off to college...tear!)

Big Giant Tree

This post isn't about the girls...but I couldn't resist sharing this picture of our neighbors' uprooted tree! You might recognize that this house is the same floor plan as ours. And, until last Thursday, it had a tree in approximately the same location in their front yard as the enormous hickory (?) tree in ours! We had a storm blow through...with strong, strong winds and heavy rain, lightning, thunder...the whole works!
From our front porch two houses over, I watched this tree fall with a gigantic CRASH!!!! Miraculously, not only was no one hurt, but it completely missed the house! Plus, despite the tree falling across their driveway, they had parked their cars on the street that those were spared as well! Crazy!

Sunday Funday!

After visiting yet another church this morning, (Side note to Mom: this place one-upped BUMC's "Blessing of the Animals" with "Blessing of the Backpacks"...really?!?! Is that what we are doing now?? ;-)) we returned home for lunch and some pre-naptime fun & games with the kiddos! Here is Elizabeth enjoying a rousing game of "Hide the Mo!" Although we didn't test this theory (we stopped after about 35 minutes), I think it's safe to conclude that she could play this ALL DAY and never get tired of it!

And here is Ashley showing off her "reading" skills! She's come a long way, baby!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Antsy-Pants Swimming Dance!

I know it may not look like it from this video, but Elizabeth LOVES swimming lessons. No really. She does!

This is her "jumping" into the pool to her swim instructor!

And, if you ask her...she will say, "I was SO BRAVE! I put my WHOLE SELF in!" Which, she did. On the first day. This is Day Eight. Notsomuch with the "whole self in" today...but don't tell HER I said that. ;-)
By the way...yes...I am aware that this is pretty much the ugliest swimming suit known to man! But we were in Target and E saw it and exclaimed, "I need THAT one! Then I can look like a turtle!" ...and looking "like a turtle" is apparently a good thing. Especially when you are swimming! So, I bought it...partly b/c I am a sucker...and partly b/c it was on clearance for $3.48 (gee...wonder WHY!?!) ;-)


Yesterday was a warm and breezy day in Virginia! So...we loaded up the fam and went for a little drive! Destination: the park near Reagan National so we could watch planes land. It was a huge hit with the girls!

And, there's even a rugby pitch right Daddy and Elizabeth ran around on the grass, tossing the rugby ball around!

Ashley and I stayed on the blanket, had a little juice, and continued to watch the planes land!