Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disneymania and Princess-a-Palooza

We started last week off with a BANG with a visit to Disneyland!

Mom was armed with a very strict schedule to avoid long lines (thanks to MAXRIDE! Their motto is "More Magic. Less Wait!" And they aren't kidding!)
And by 7:49, we were already inside the park standing in line at the end of Main Street right in front of the castle, waiting for the rope to drop after the opening announcement!

Then we were off to our first ride: Peter Pan's Flight! We barely had time to take this picture before hopping onto our flying ship!
By 8:08, we were boarding DUMBO! (I'm tellin' ya...MaxRide is awesome!)

After experiencing several attractions, it was time to change into PRINCESS gear and get in line to meet Rapunzel! So glad we got in line early! We got in line about 20 minutes before she arrived, and were the 4th in line to see her. When we left, it was a 90 minute wait!!!

Then it was off to Ariel's Grotto where we had a reservation for a
The girls were overwhelmed with happiness, as they had the opportunity to meet FIVE different princesses during our meal!

Ariel greets her guests at the bottom of the staircase

Ashley shows Princess Aurora her Princess Aurora Doll!         

Posing with Princess Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty)

Ashley gives Briar Rose a kiss...she is her absolute FAVORITE princess!

Snow White comes next...

Then Belle...

Then the lovely Cinderella...who was so very sweet! She even danced a little dance with our princesses!

The whole experience was...MAGICAL! And oh-so-memorable!

And then...just when you thought it couldn't get any more exciting...we bumped into Princess TIANA on Main Street. And she took Elizabeth's hand and said, "Walk with me..." So she did!...

And then we popped around a corner, and there was MULAN!

Elizabeth and Ashley could not believe their good fortune...and were quick to point out that "we've seen EVERY princess except for Jasmine!"

We even got a glimpse of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy (or...as all loyal Disney Cast Members know them: the FAB FIVE!)

It was a completely fun-filled day...made even more spectacular by our amazing front-row seats to the Mickey's Soundsational Parade!

And then we ended the night with a fireworks spectacular...as only DISNEY can do! (Ashley slept through the entire fireworks show...but we're sure she would agree that it was fabulous!)

Magical Memories at the Happiest Place on Earth!

House Swap 2012

We just returned from a crazy adventure...house swapping with some friends in Santa Monica. Yep...they stayed in OUR house here in D.C. and we stayed in theirs! And it was WONDERFUL!

The girls had a great time swinging in the front yard...

We got to see a LOT of old friends. Well...not that THEY are old! LOL

The WLS Gang + Sharon(!) at Truxton's
Supermom Sheri and Sweet Baby Sophia Grace!

Sandra Masted (my first REAL WORLD "boss"--but more like a mom!) at WLS

The always-lovely Jessica
Darling Dina-Marie...whose middle name is really Michelle...but whatever!
Precious 1-year-old Francie and proud parents, LLE and Jay
Phil Stooooooone and his bride, Dina...again
Dear friends, Dick and Nancy

Awesome Auntie P and Hunka D (D is in the Truxton picture above!)
Marvelous Melissa (from Michigan...and now Manhattan Beach!)
And Airport Deputy Executive Director of Security, Arif Alikhan (Peter's former colleague and friend from NDU...he gave us a really great tour of the old control tower at LAX!)

We also ate some ridiculous food (just had to throw THESE pictures in there!) Soooooo glad we didn't know about this place when we lived in SoCal! LOL

And enjoyed the beach!

We also hit up Disneyland and met ALL the princesses...but that will have to be its own post in a few minutes!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Darling Flower-ina!

Today was Ashley's first ballet recital! She FLOURISHED on stage! Loved every second of it! :-)
 Here she is "trying out" the stage for the first time. Some older ballerinas led the little ones on stage to take a peek at the audience so that they wouldn't freak out when they got up there to perform.
 Here she is standing up on stage next to her classmates...looking to her left to be sure she knows where Miss Anne is going to be!
 Here she is with her lovely (and oh-so-patient with FOURTEEN 3-year-olds in her class!) ballet teacher, Miss Anne!