Friday, July 16, 2010

"She's Forlorn"

In case we haven't mentioned it before, now would be a good time to reiterate that Elizabeth LOVES books!
At bedtime, she usually gets to pick two books for us to read to her. (She prefers one book from Daddy and one book from Mommy...or, in her words: "I need TWO people to put me to bed!")
The House That Jack Built is a frequent favorite pick to read with Daddy! I suspect she loves the sing-song rhythm and repeating rhymes in the book. From this video, you can tell that Daddy rather enjoys it, too! XO

It's Official: We Have WALKING!

Ashley debuted her walking skills this past Sunday afternoon. Then gave us a few sneak peeks of 3-4 steps at a time over the course of the next few days. But it was all leading up to tonight's PREMIERE PERFORMANCE! And voila!...Here she is! Look out, world!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Too Many Shoes?

Of course such thing!

I posted this on facebook the other day with just this photo. But I'm thinking maybe here I will find an audience that is interested in the live action version of events! ;-)

Today I walked upstairs to find that E had dumped (literally!) ALL of her books from her bookshelf onto the floor and was replacing them with pairs of shoes! HUH?!?! I gasped and took a breath in preparation of ordering her to put all the books back--now!...but instead something nagged me to ASK her WHY she was doing that! She looked up me with such an earnest little face and said "I needed these shelves for my shoe store!" LOL What else could I do at that point but help her set up shop! ;-)

Right away, we got to work on the sign (she wrote the "E" and the "L") and then I cut out some price tags (she dictated the prices...a little bit random...but's HER store!). Finally, she informed me that she needed a name tag to be a "worker" I made the little badge for her to wear. Voila!

Sidenote: As you'll see from the video...Ashley was not sure she wanted any part of this land of make-believe. But E and I had fun in spite of this! haha!