Friday, June 8, 2007

"I call the big one 'Bitey'!"

For those of you whose households are not besieged by daily episodes of The Simpsons...(which, by the way, is on 3 times a day for your viewing pleasure...who knew!?)... that quote is from Homer in an episode where he naively decides to adopt some possums as pets. Anyway..."Auntie P" was visiting us the other day when Elizabeth (not unlike "Bitey") decided to take a little chunk right out of her cheek! She must have liked it...because she returned for seconds, not once, but several times! Auntie P was just holding her and nuzzling her and all of a sudden "arrrghhh"--Elizabeth leaned in close and eagerly attacked her face! Since Elizabeth doesn't have any teeth yet (thankfully!),we were all rolling on the floor laughing! It was quite a sight to see! And, since she did it again and again, we were able to get some pictures of it! Mommy plans to be on the lookout for "Auntie P-flavored" teething rings!

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