Friday, July 11, 2008

Bikini Car Wash

Somehow, Elizabeth got wind of the controversial "Bikini Car Wash" in San Antonio, Texas. And, while she doesn't yet own a bikini, she seemed to think the concept of combining swimsuit with car washing was grounded in a strong foundation.

So, this afternoon, she decided to start a business of her own...on our front lawn...washing Mommy and Daddy's cars! Whoohoo!

Oh, and for those of you non-Californians who are thinking it is ghetto to wash your car on the grass (I know what you are thinking b/c when I first saw that, I thought it, too!)'s actually a standard practice here, due to water supply issues in SoCal. You can read more about Water Conservation here: and you'll see that tip number 8 under "Ten Ways to Save the Most: Outside" is-- "Drive your car onto a lawn to wash it. Rinse water can help water the grass." :-)

Conked Out!

The 2009 Acura NSX races from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds! That's fast...but not quite as fast as Elizabeth's sixty to zero! ;-)

Today, after our weekly excursion to Polliwog Park with Erin and Emily, the four of us stopped at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch (sadly, there is no CPK near Lansing...and no Erin & Emily there, either :-( I have to get my fix of both before we leave!) It was approaching Elizabeth's nap time, but she was so busily chatting and gobbling up some bread that I thought she would easily make it through lunch!

Suddenly, however, I noticed her blinks getting a little longer, and--bless her heart-- she was trying to use her little hand to support her sleepy head! Erin cleverly whipped out one of Emily's "spare" dresses for Elizabeth to use as a pillow against the table, and, within a matter of seconds(!) she was out like a light! Needless to say, we ended up getting our meals in to-go boxes! But, before we left, I had to snap this picture of the sleeping beauty!