Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things Mothers Do...

All I can say is "WOW!" I don't think I realized how easy it is to become that mother who picks her own child's nose! GROSS! But, yesterday, Peter snuck up on me in the act and captured the photographic evidence to convict me of that disgusting (and highly addictive) deed! can't really blame me! I mean, no one wants to see a baby with "bats in the cave" (as Peter likes to call it!) Besides, it just proves that a mother will do anything for the good of her child! ;-) Next up is the old "lick my finger and use it to wipe the smudges off of baby's face" trick! I just regret that these new-fangled child safety laws that require children to ride in the back seat (until they are 21?) will prevent me from being able to perform the heroic (if not, useless) role of "human seat belt" the way my mother did! (You know the universal Mom maneuver: car pulls to a quick stop, mom's right arm reaches across child's chest in a vain attempt to "prevent" child from flying out windshield!) Ah,...those were the days! Love you, Mom!

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