Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl

There is something about Daddies and Daughters. Something that makes a little girl know that Daddy is her HERO! Every morning, after Elizabeth is fed, Peter gets up with her and takes her into the "back room" and the two of them spend some bonding time together for about an hour (E plays under the Gymini while Daddy reads email and talks to her...or, more often than not these days, she sits on Daddy's lap and they read the email together while she sucks on her hands!) And then he is off to work for the day (or, in the case of this to JURY DUTY!). When he comes home and steps foot in the door, the second they make eye contact, Elizabeth grins from ear to ear and often has a little giggle or shriek of delight for Daddy as well! He picks her up, zooms her around in the air, and plops her onto his lap where she is content to wriggle and kick and play. I'm learning every day that motherhood certainly has its share of treasured moments, but one of the greatest joys I have found is in watching the two people I love most find joy in each other!

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Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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