Saturday, May 19, 2007

Morning Moments...

First off, if there were ever any doubt about where Elizabeth's eyelashes come from, this picture puts those doubts to rest! Haha! Here is E in our bed with her Daddy in the morning. (Sidenote: No, we don't have a "family bed"...are you kidding?! She has a perfectly beautiful crib in her own room that allows her to be smoosh-free!) Anyway, this is after she gets up in the morning--and by "morning" I mean 6:00am--UGH!-- and I bring her into our room. She has her first meal, and then she and Daddy go through pretty much the same routine every morning: Peter pulls her over onto his chest, while he is still half-asleep (okay, mostly asleep!), and he tries with all his might to convince his "little Pot" (through modeling) that sleeping is much more fun than playing! And just in case you are wondering, NO--she has not yet been won over by Daddy's efforts. Instead, she kicks her legs, flails her arms around, squirms, and makes a bit of an irritated fuss--inadvertently slapping Daddy in the face (or, in the case of this picture, sticking her fingers in his mouth)--until he gives up his quest for a few more precious minutes of slumber and rolls out of bed! ( why didn't I think of that?!?!)

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