Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not quite ready for prime time!...

Well...today we started the Level 2 class at Gymboree! That's the one for 6-12 month-olds. Needless to say, Elizabeth is not quite developmentally ready for all that this class has to offer. Not only were there twice the number of babies, but most are crawling and exploring around them, shrieking at random times, and generally a lot more excitable than she!
Elizabeth had a look on her face very similar to this one throughout the class--which was MUCH louder and more active than our very calm Level 1 experience. In fact, Elizabeth reminded me a lot of the little stuffed bunny in the cherished children's book, The Velveteen Rabbit, during the part of the story when he is sitting on his "hind legs" (because he doesn't really have any hind legs...as he is just sewn together in one piece), watching the "real" bunnies hop and frolick and play in the thicket. For much of the class, Elizabeth just stared at the other babies as if to say, "How do they DO that???" Truthfully, both Mommy and Elizabeth were just a wee bit intimidated and overwhelmed by our first experience with Level 2, but, after talking with a few other mommies who insisted that "Elizabeth did really well...my baby bawled the first three times we came to Level 2"...we plan to stick with it! ;-)

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