Tuesday, May 8, 2007


On Tuesday afternoons, Elizabeth and I attend a Gymboree class at Westside Pavillion for 0-6 month-olds! We have tons of fun as we sing songs, play with little toys, have "tummy time" (which she only tolerates through the distraction of other babies' faces and the spinning balls that they place in front of her on a mirror!), enjoy baby massage, and finally, play with her little puppet friend named "GYMBO"! She LOVES Gymbo! Whenever he comes out, she gets this look of surprised excitement (as though she has never seen anything quite so amazing before!), and then she laughs and kicks her feet and flaps her arms with delight! I tried to illustrate the excitement with this photo, but somehow it fails to capture the magic that is the "Gymbo Experience"!


auntiep said...

Hi Purp -
Is mommy tormenting you with "crappy the clown" puppet from Gymboree? Auntie P says I love you a lot a bit lots!

Julesie J said...

that picture is too cute for words...wait..what am a saying..EVERY picture of you is too cute for words! i love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Purple, Great blog. You certainly are a cute, happy baby. And no wonder with parents like yours.

Don't forget you've got a friend in Iowa!