Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

This is a picture of Elizabeth expressing how I feel when I get a bargain! Haha! Today, Mommy went to Santee Alley with Auntie P and Lindsay (I know, Dina..I know...but it was SOOO last minute! time we will plan ahead and you can come with!) and got some nifty new designer sunglasses ;-) and two new "purses" --woohoo! (Well, they aren't exactly purses...they are really just small little $10 wristlets that hold all my essentials--credit cards, phone, cash, lip gloss--and tuck conveniently inside my massive diaper bag, which has now become my purse!) Anyway, E spent the morning with Daddy. He even took her on an adventure to the Apple store in Manhattan Village Mall. Now she is sleeping soundly--taking her afternoon nap while I get some mean WORK done! ;-)

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