Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet Potatoes for a sweet potato!

Elizabeth had an adventurous day today! Today we added sweet potatoes to her diet! (We went back and forth over whether to give her fruit or vegetables next...so we settled on a vegetable that is sweet like a fruit! haha!) Anyway, she seemed to really like them and we got tons of cute (if not, really messy!) pictures of her eating them! She still hasn't quite mastered the art of swallowing without her tongue getting in the way, but every time she takes a bite, she leans foward and seems to want more! However, from the look on her face in the picture below, one could argue that all that I am telling you is a lie...as she seems to be saying "You're gonna feed me WHAT?!?"

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Note to mom... "sweet potatoes" are not sweet unless you add sugar to them (which I am not recommending -- I'm just saying, is all...) :-)