Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tête-à-tête, Purple-style

Purple has a new friend! And in a neat twist of existential discovery, it's her! (And just for Auntie P, "Whaaa?") Mommy sat down with Purple to watch her greatest hits and Purple found herself as cute and lovable as we do. Just so Purple didn't hurt her own feelings, however, we re-assured her that she was laughing near herself, not at herself. And then it got weird...

In all honesty, I'm not sure whether Purple recognized herself. Although it will be terribly embarrassing in a few years when we show her the video of her laughing at her video of her screeching like a banshee in the door jumper and she says "Oh, dear, I thought I was laughing at that odd little Brunhilda girl down the street." Course, if she says that in a few years, I'm gonna wonder who replaced my kid with Angela Lansbury. But, without further tangents, here's Purple on Purple:

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