Friday, September 28, 2007

Proud Papa!

Peter is quite the Proud Papa in this photo...and I think it perfectly illustrates just the kind of doting dad he is turning out to be!

Last week, Elizabeth went to Free Play at Gymboree! (For those not in the know...once your little one becomes a "crawler" you can take her to Gymboree Free Play for all kinds of unstructured exploration. So far, however, Elizabeth is mostly just interested in observing intently while the bigger kids do the exploring.) Anyway, since Free Play is late on Friday afternoons, Daddy was able to join us!

Here, Elizabeth leads Daddy on a chase after a whiffle ball that she had spotted from across the room--it seems one of those "big kids" (a wee one of about 3 years of age) was collecting a bouquet of them in all different colors, and E was fixated on following him around until she could get her hands on one! You go, girl!

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