Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Splashing in the Tub!

Over Fruit Loops this morning, many of you probably puzzled over the following question:

Does Elizabeth still enjoy bathing and splashing in the tub?

I know, it keeps me awake at night as well. Well, that, and the thought of college tuition...oh, and have you ever wondered how they get that big ol' ship in such a little tiny bottle? I mean, dude, the mouth of the bottle is way too small for that ship...

But never fear, there is a simple way to answer your question...the one about Purp and the bath, that is. Through the magic of YouTube, I give you: Purple Still Enjoying the Bath!

1 comment:

Nathan and Lindsay said...

So cute Michelle! I love her. Beckett is currently learning to splash as well, but while Elizabeth is practicing the sweet little princess splash, Beckett has perfected the 'I'm a boy/making a big mess' splash. It's funny to see the difference. Love it!