Monday, September 24, 2007

Before and After

Well, I thought about trying to fool you into thinking that the "before" picture was the one with Elizabeth sitting down, but you can probably tell that her feet aren't positioned correctly in the sitting down picture in order for her to pull up from there!

So, I will confess that the BEFORE picture is the one where she is standing up holding onto the bars.

But the AFTER picture is just as impressive to me--as she was able to very carefully and gently lower herself to the sitting position. These pictures were taken on September 16...which was the first day that we actually saw Elizabeth pulling up to standing! Since then, she spends almost all her waking hours pulling up and sitting down, pulling up and sitting down! It never gets old!

And this picture I just had to include because I just want
to grab her and eat her all up when I look at it! Awww...

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