Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where's the Mousey?

Elizabeth got these little Taggies nesting buckets from our LA friends, Duncan and Kristine. They came with a little pink beanbag mouse that tucks inside the smallest bucket. So Mommy made up a little game called "Where's the Mousey?"
Brilliant in its simplicity, the game is played exactly as the name implies: Mommy sits right in front of Elizabeth and drops the mouse into one of the buckets for her to "find" (Yes...I'm aware that she is watching as I do it! But she's only 10 months old! She's not exactly solving complex equations!) Apparently, Mommy has not done such a bangup job of sufficiently explaining the "rules" of the game, because, as you will see, Elizabeth often continues to peer into the buckets to search for the mouse even after she is already holding it in her hand! Ah, well...bless her little heart for trying!

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