Monday, February 21, 2011

Dental Disaster?

Well...not exactly. Both girls got the "thumbs up" for no cavities! But, aside from that, it wasn't what I would call an ideal dental visit by any stretch!
From these pictures, you might think that Elizabeth was a wee bit nervous (well...she was!) and that Ashley is ready for anything (she wasn't!) LOL

They both got their teeth cleaned, and Elizabeth was the model patient, albeit with her little worried brow furrowed and fists clenched to her sides. But really...who doesn't clench their fists while at the dentist?!?! ;-)

When it was her turn, however, Ashley, decided she wasn't having any of that sitting in the dental chair nonsense. (I mean, it was fun when she thought it was a slide...but no way was she gonna lie down while the thing reclined!) So she sat on my lap facing me while we laid her head back in the dentist's lap. Yeah, it sounds just about as pleasant as it was in reality...which is to say NOT AT ALL! Poor thing pretty much screamed through most of the cleaning (in between pleading whines of "all done!") and I politely but firmly declined the fluoride treatment and flossing on her behalf. ;-) After all...she did pretty well for someone who isn't even two yet! (Especially considering that I didn't take Elizabeth in for her first cleaning until she was 3 and a half!) Mean mommy! :-( It was kind of traumatic for BOTH of us!

Ah well! For our next attempt, we plan to check out a fun little place in Reston called the Dental Safari! :-) I'll let you know if they are WILD about it!

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Laura D said...

Aww that is so cute! At least it's all over and done with ;)