Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nap-Time Serenade

This afternoon, the girls went down for naps at their normal time of 1pm. At about 2:40 (a little earlier than her 2-hour napping duration), I heard singsong sounds coming from Ashley's room.
"B-I-N-G-O...B-I-N-G-O...B-I-N-G-O and Bingo Bingo Name-O"
So cute!
As she was singing, I could hear the sound of her plantation shutters flapping open and closed in rhythm to the song!

I grabbed the camera and started up the stairs...but as soon as she heard my footsteps, the singing stopped. I stood outside her door for a few seconds with the camera set to video mode so that I could be ready to record at a moment's notice. But the only sound I heard after that was the mattress squeaking as she rolled around on it.

So, I opened the door, and this is what happened next...

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Rachel Neil said...

Kids love to play on structures like playgrounds. We built our own from a kit last year and our kids love it.