Monday, February 21, 2011

What IS it?

Well, you probably already know that I am a part-time freelance writer for Lakeshore Learning Materials. (My primary responsibility for them is to write the content for the Teacher's Corner on their website each month.) What you might not know is that I have now been working for Lakeshore for TEN YEARS! WOW!

And, right now, the most exciting part of this is that Elizabeth is now old enough to be the guinea pig on whom I can "test" my ideas (sometimes before they are published, and sometimes after)! But it's a lot of fun for me to see firsthand these ideas put into practice!

Today, E helped me celebrate President's Day by doing the President's Day Puppet & Poem activity on the Teacher's Corner! She colored the picture and I cut out the George Washington figure and she glued him onto a popsicle stick. Take a look:

After she finally remembered what it was we were doing, we read the poem together! LOL (I would read a line and she would repeat it after me.) She seemed to have a good time with it!

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