Friday, February 11, 2011

While I Have the Camera Out...

I figure, why not show you a few pictures and a video of the rest of the morning's activities? ;-)

After the Valentines were cleaned up and packed away, it was time for some Play-Doh Fun!

So I threw some wax paper onto the coffee table and E grabbed the Play-Doh bin from her closet, and they got BUSY! E was making a pigpen for monkeys (wha?!?!...yeah, I don't know either!)...and A was busy pressing out star shapes, which E later decided were starfruit for the monkeys! They seemed to agree on this idea, so I went with it! ;-)

Here...I'll let E tell you. She seems to explain it better. LOL

(Note the gasp from me early on in this clip when, for a brief second, I felt certain Ashley was about to smash the play-doh monkey with the rolling pin! Big Sister would NOT have been happy!)

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