Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Monkey Line

Well...this post is just going to seem bizarre if you are not familiar with Elizabeth and her very fierce love of monkeys. And not just ANY monkeys...but her specific love of a special little monkey called MO!

The complicated thing about MO is that there is not just ONE Mo...but seven (yes, SEVEN) "identical" Mo monkeys...and a couple others that are technically NOT Mo monkeys at all, but have, for some inexplicable reason, still managed to make the cut--so to speak!

Of these monkeys, Elizabeth definitely has her favorites. And, in the past few years, she has developed special names of distinction for each of these monkeys. Not only that, but she has made it very clear that each one has a special place in the "Monkey Line".

And they are as follows (from left to right):

1. Sucky Mo (b/c she sucks on him---oh sorry...did I say "him"?...I meant HER! Yes, E has recently decided that "Sucky Mo" is a GIRL monkey! "Mommy...Did you not KNOW?!")
2. Dottie Mo (b/c she has a dot for a nose...and E will tell you "this was the FIRST Mo that Grandpa gave me...but the second Mo in the Monkey Line"....Oooookay!)
3. No-Mouth Mo (duh--self explanatory!)
4. Taggy Mo (b/c this Mo used to have a Ty tag attached to his ear--as they all did at one time, but this one kept his tag for quite a while before we removed it)
5. Grammy Mo (as you can see, it is not quite like the others, but since it was a gift from Grammy, it was long ago given a place of honor among the favored Mos)
6. Monchichi (a gift from Santa and a recent addition to the Monkey Line).

The other Mos in the background are still "important"...but, alas, they are not part of the Monkey Line. "Why?"--you ask? Welllllll....It's because they are "too fluffy-bodied" to be in the Monkey Line.

[crickets chirping]

Yeah...I know...

So, why am I writing such a seemingly nonsensical blog post...and more importantly, why are you still reading it? Well...I suppose the answer to the former is that I find E's little qwerks to be both fascinating and endearing, and I wanted to have a record of how meticulous she was about categorizing and ordering her cherished loveys. And, the latter...well...maybe you wanted a little insight into what makes E's funny little brain work?!...and now you have it! :-)


Leeann said...

Your blog is so cute! And the pic of a baby E sleeping in her crib with (one of the) Moes was the most Presh thing ever!
Glad you had a great date night too.
Love your blog!

Carrie said...

Ha ha. That is SO cute. Elizabeth is quite the character! ;)