Saturday, January 22, 2011

DC Date Night!

Just because it's a rare occurrence, I wanted to document our DATE NIGHT and report that, thankfully, this one was free of kidney stones! HOORAY!

We decided to take advantage of D.C. Restaurant Week and we booked a table for 4 at Cafe Bonaparte in Georgetown! Then, we invited another couple that Michelle met through MOPS and preschool to join us! CarriAnne and Daryl were wonderful company and we really had a great time together! We were even seated at a fabulous window-table at the front of the restaurant! Primo!

Unfortunately, our babysitter was on a tight time schedule and we had to book it out of there by 9pm (which required us to have our waitress box up our dessert to-go!) in order to relieve her of her supervisory duties! Next time, we'll be sure to plan for a more leisurely outing!

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