Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elizabeth is a READER!

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, since E has known her letter sounds (and could tell us what letter ANY word begins with) for at least a year. But slowly she has become more curious about how letters form words and how to sound out whole words--instead of just the beginning sound.

Enter Lakeshore's Sight-Word Readers and Word Family Readers! About three years ago, I was sent several boxes of these readers to "rework" as part of an assignment (yeah...they didn't want to pay additional money for more art--don't ask!), so I had a few of her favorites in E's bookshelf. She took one out the other day and started sounding out the words--on her own!

Well, that's all the encouragement I needed. I found all the boxes and brought them into her room. Most of the books focus on a few words at a time, using rebus pictures in place of more difficult words. But she LOVES them! And the repetition makes her such a confident little reader. You should see her face after she's read a page! She beams from ear to ear! And after she has read a WHOLE book, she jumps up and down and says, "Are you so proud of me that I can read?!?!" LOVE IT!

And yes...I am SO PROUD!