Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back-up Lovey

As many of you know, Elizabeth has a "lovey" named Mo (which is actually short for his full name, "Seymour") And, well...somewhere along the way, we accumulated 7 (yes, SEVEN) "back-up" MOs. You know...just in case. And now she sleeps with all of them on her bed! And, believe me, she notices if one of them is missing, as they are all completely distinguishable by her from one another. So much for the "back-up" plan.

Anyway, when Ashley came along, we decided on "Puppers" as her lovey, and I didn't do such a great job of planning ahead on the "back-up" situation. Upon finally decided to go ahead and purchase the back-up guy, I learned that Puppers was a discontinued lovey. (OOPS!) I eventually found him on eBay for about twice the price as the original...and considered myself lucky to find him at all!
Until last week, the back-up Puppers sat in the top of Ashley's closet, untouched...and, though I should probably not admit to this, her original Puppers had NEVER had a bath! Not 18 months! YIKES!
Needless to say, I was a little skeptical about whether the "back-up" imposter Puppers would pass the smell/feel test and be deemed an acceptable alternate "Puppoo" while her TRUE "Puppoo" was getting his first washing-machine bath. However, as you can tell by this photo, there was no need for concern at all.
Operation Puppoo Switcheroo = SUCCESS!!!


Leeann said...

I absolutely love this picture. It is adorable.
Kate's lovey was a little doll we called Baby Blankie. We kept three and rotated them. We kept one for our little grandkids one day!

Anonymous said...

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