Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double Blogging

I have to apologize for lagging behind on this blog due to the fact that I post frequently on facebook--so it becomes a bit of a "double blog" to upkeep both sites.

Then I remind myself that there are some of you who don't get to see the stuff on facebook. So it is with you NON-facebookers in mind—along with the idea that I can drone on about mundane topics in this format without risk of being DE-friended—that I am resolving to Blog On!

Without further ado...I give you Today's Rainy Day Activity #37:Fairy Princess Dress-Up!

Here is a video that shows the kind of fun that can be had while dressed as a Fairy Princess...again and again and again! (Memory card on the camera was full before the fun was finished recording...but you'll get the idea!)

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