Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet the Teacher (aka First Day of Preschool PRACTICE Run!)

This morning was Elizabeth's "Teacher Meet & Greet" at The Day School! And was she ever excited!!!

Of course, all the pictures I tried to take of her standing on the front porch turned out completely goofy!

See Exhibit A:

So I finally got a close up after telling her "don't try so hard to smile" and this is what she came up with...LOL

We arrived at her school at 8:58am (the open house started at 9am) and we were the first ones in the room (shocker, I know!) ;-)
Anyway, Elizabeth impressed her teachers with her good "make a friend" manners ("Hi, I'm Elizabeth...it's nice to meet you.") and then she made herself right at home in the kitchen play area...with her little sister!

She put on an apron, "cut" some cookie dough, and topped the cookie pieces with pretend icing. Then, she spotted a little container of animals on the table. She began removing the animals and lining them up in a row. When I asked what she was doing, she said "I'm very busy sorting out the farm animals." LOL
We stayed for about 25 minutes or so, met a few parents and other classmates, and explored the classroom.
When I suggested that it was probably time for us to go, she responded with an oddly mature, "Oh....well...I'm not quite ready." It made me laugh...but I just reassured her that we would be back on Thursday. We said goodbye and left.

She is very much looking forward to Thursday morning for her official first day of preschool. I hope drop-off goes well! :-)