Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Secret Park

After naps, we met up with CariAnne (Mommy's friend) and her three kids, Elias, Gregory, and Arabella at a park. Well...to be fair, Arabella was not really participating in the park escapades, as she is only 3 months old! But Elias and Gregory are approximately the same age as Elizabeth and Ashley. In fact, while Elizabeth and Elias are in the same preschool class, Ashley and Gregory are in the same nursery class at MOPS!

At any rate, we originally met at Lincoln Park on Great Falls. But, seeing that part of the play area was flooded from the rains we had on Monday, we decided to caravan to another park that Carianne knew about.

Their family nicknamed it "The Secret Park" because, though it is located on Idylwood, (a major road in Falls Church), surprisingly, no one seems to know about it! And, it is AWESOME! It is a fully-fenced-in, beautifully-shaded area surrounded by huge trees! It has a wonderful playscape with several slides, a tunnel, a cool (and safe) shaky balance bridge, swings, a teeter totter, a tire swing, and...a MERRY-GO-ROUND! (Not the kind with horses...but the old-school kind where you run along side it until you get it going superfast and then hop on and whirl around until you're crazy dizzy!)

And, as promised, the park was EMPTY!

And the kids had a BLAST!

Elizabeth peering out at me through the "lookout" on the playscape!
Elias playing hide-n-seek in the tunnel slide!

Gregory showing Ashley how it's done!

Ashley with her tongue out at-the-ready!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Check out the static!

Elizabeth announcing that she wants to go on the "marriage-go-round"! LOL
(Side note: Is it a little bit wrong that this is one of a few phrases she has stuck in her mind that is so adorably incorrect that I hesitate to correct her?)

And here's a video showing the four of them taking turns zooming down the slide!

I see many visits to this park in our future!


Anonymous said...

I've been there many many times, but not recently since my kid is older now.
I stumbled across this page because I was looking for information about the Idylwood bridge over the beltway reopening.

Creative said...

Hi, I have three lovely grandchildren. One of them loves baking and I sent a photo to Yours magazine showing us making biscuits. It was published and I received two vouchers for £5 each. I have written an illustrated children's book called "Jamie" - this is based on the lovely antics of my daughter's collie dog but of course a lot is my imagination. The last poem is what actually happened involving my granddaughter and "Jamie" when she was a toddler. Cheers, Marian.