Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Social Butterfly?...Maybe not so much!

This post is a little overdue...but I just ran across these pictures and it makes me laugh. This is Elizabeth at a birthday party in February.
Now, to be fair, she did not know ANY of these children, whereas they all knew each other b/c they attend the same class at day care. She even met the Birthday Boy (the son of one of Peter's grad school classmates) for the first time when we arrived at the party! They live about 25 minutes away in Maryland and were kind enough to invite us to the event, which was held at a local sportsplex...included bounce house (which E LOVED!!!) and cake and ice cream.

Every picture looks like Elizabeth just didn't know quite what to make of the whole situation.

I should mention, though, that she said she had a great time! LOVED the bounce house and cake and ice cream time! Just wasn't all that thrilled with having to interact with the other kids! LOL

On another note, I can report that, as she was playing on the playscape at the dentist's office this morning (yes...a HUGE playscape like they have at fast food places...IN the waiting room!), I overheard little Elizabeth informing other kids (herself?) at least two years older than she, "Okay...'it's your turn now' ...that's what you say when someone else wants a turn.'" Oh, brother! ;-)

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Leeann said...

Poor kid. I often feel that way when I don't know folks. :-)
Our pediatric dentist has a playscape too (it's a house) as well as multiple gaming stations. The kids love it there! :-)