Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Picture Is In My Mind

Well...as the title to this post suggests, I don't have a picture to accompany this blog entry. But at the suggestion of a friend, thought it was a good idea to document this afternoon's events.

Today is the first day of Daddy's summer school evening class. So, as most Tuesdays are when class is in session, it was a LONG day. After the girls awoke from their naps, we were playing around in the living room...and it was so nice outside that I suggested that we take a walk. Well...E wanted none of that. She just wanted to "play outside" in the front yard...fine, fine...just so long as we were OUTSIDE for a while! So, I grabbed the large picnic quilt from the hall closet spread it out on the front lawn along with the little inflatable innertube for Ashley to climb in and out of.

Once outside, Ashley and I plopped down on the quilt and E wandered around outside for a while. Then, she joined us on the blanket and the two of us lay on our backs and I started pointing out the movement of the clouds. A was curious and came scooch/crawling over to us and I promise you she squirmed herself RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of us and joined us on her back looking up at the clouds as well. The three of us just relaxed there together, pointing at birds, laughing at different sounds (helicopters, planes, chirping birds) and observing the trees and cloud formations. We must have remained there for a good 15 minutes! No joke! It was at that point that it occurred to me that this was one of those moments that was not likely to repeat itself again. It was bliss!

I LOVE my girls so much and this time together was PRECIOUS beyond words!

Eventually, Elizabeth got up and then Ashley rolled over and, as more and more cars began driving down the road, E exclaimed "We're watching all the Daddies come home!" Hilarious!

Great afternoon! And now it is permanently etched into my memory! So grateful to be at home with these two angels! XO


Leeann said...

You are well on your way to the coolest journey ever- life with more than one kid.
Even though life can feel busy and stressed, try to enjoy those early days when the pace of life is slow. The older they get, the faster time passes and the less time you get to spend together, just be-ing.

Anonymous said...

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