Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy's Favorite Wish!

While on a little visit to the National Air & Space Museum last Friday, Elizabeth wanted to stop at EVERY fountain we passed. So, on the way back to the metro, we did just that. At this one, she saw all the pennies, nickels, and dimes in the bottom and begged me to let her throw money in the "wishing fountain"! (Can you tell we have done this before??)

Anyway, except for the tiny little grammar issue (sorry--the teacher in me had to say it!), I think you will enjoy her wish as much as I did!


Anonymous said...

"...for me and my sister to be good."

Without prompting? :)

Purple's Mom said...

Ha! Oddly enough...the FIRST time she said it (while making a wish at a fountain in the mall a few weeks ago) it was as a result of me explaining to her how the wishing thing works. "Before you toss the coin, make a wish"...but then I handed her a second coin and said, "and you can make a wish for your sister, too" she held out both coins over the fountain and said aloud "I wish for me and my sister to be good!"...Just like that! And I laughed so hard and gave her such positive feedback for it that she has now used it two more times! :-)