Thursday, July 23, 2009

Samantha--the Super-Sitter!

So...I was going to post a little piece here about staying with the Johnson's in California. (And I will get to that eventually, I promise!) But...when I was going through our photos, I realized that I actually need an entire post dedicated soley to Sammy Jean--because so many of our pictures are of her interacting with and taking care of the girls!

Here she is reading with Elizabeth...

Oh! And she also read to Elizabeth as well!

(E can't stop talking about those Berenstain Bears books!..."The Truth"..."The Messy Room"..."Get the Gimmies"...--yes, she still remembers them all!)
Elizabeth had such a great time...she wanted to hang with Samantha constantly!

At home...

On a bike...

And at the beach...

Here is one of Ashley cuddling up to her, too!

And, on Friday night...Samantha even watched BOTH girls for us so we could go out in Manhattan Beach with Dan & Paula!
(And she was "supervised" by J--of course! ;-))

Thanks, Girlies! We heart you both!

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