Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Polliwog Park Peeps!

After our visit to Houston, we hopped on yet another plane and headed on to California for some R&R! I wish we had had more time to see ALL the folks we wanted to see! But we did try to pack it in for the short time we were there!

We were so happy to have a chance to have some Mommy & Me time at Polliwog Park! (For those of you Mommies in LA who might not be "in the know," this is such a great place to be b/c the play areas are separated by age group so your little tyke is less likely to be trampled by the masses of elementary school kids!)

Here we are with Erin & Emily...

...and Tara & Raiss!

We had a great time catching up...

and the kids played together (or, at least, side-by-side) beautifully!

It wasn't long before Ashley conked out!

And, as soon as "too many kids" (aka toddlers and preschoolers from the local daycare) left the area, Elizabeth had a great time exploring the play space.
*Note: Personalized wardrobe generously provided by Erin! Thanks, Friend!

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Carrie said...

I love the pink shirts, such a cute idea. I think the 'Team Thompson" part on the back is my favorite!