Thursday, July 23, 2009

Behold: Awkward Moose I know I have maxed out the "awkward turtle" reference when describing our experience of forcing the girls to take pictures how about a shoutout to "awkward moose"? (For those in older generations who may not be in the know (which, frankly, included us up until J set us straight--thanks J!)... "awkward turtle" refers to a situation that is only slightly, yet still noticeably awkward--such as a lingering moment of silence in a group conversation--but when a situation is so glaringly awkward that it simply cannot be ignored, that calls for a different label altogether: AWKWARD MOOSE!)

See Exhibit A below:

While there are absolutely some adorable pictures of the girls in this series,...I can't help but confess that this is the FIRST of the pictures. And, poor Elizabeth looks SOOOO uncomfortable about the staging of this bonding moment! Bless her little heart for sitting still...but her expression says what her words did not: "How long do I have to hold this thing??" LOL

However, with a little prompting, she eventually got into the spirit of the role of proud big sister!

And when faced with the silent persuasion of her little sister's adoring gaze, who wouldn't? (Err...Jennifer...don't answer that!)

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