Friday, February 15, 2008

Night-night, Valentine!

Well, I had good intentions today of dressing Elizabeth up in a cute little red skirt and shirt and venturing to Polliwog Park to take some adorable Valentine pictures of her feeding the duckies! In theory, it was a good idea...but here is what went wrong:

First off, the "duckies" are not the same duckies that they appear to be in the picture books. You know, those cute, cuddly, docile, fuzzy little creatures that warm your heart? Yeah...that's a complete myth. In reality, they are rather aggressive and territorial--"attack" duckies, if you will! (No was kinda scary! At one point, if you can picture this...I just abandoned the rest of the piece of bread that we were feeding them, scooped up Elizabeth, and fled!)

Second, about two pictures into "capturing the magic" that turned out to be not-so-magical, the battery on my digital camera died!

So, instead of heartwarming Valentine action photos, I will share with you the next best thing... an adorable picture of a peacefully sleeping Elizabeth! This was taken yesterday as we traveled downtown with Lindsay and Beckett to get some fabric for Lindsay's quilt...which, well...ended up being out of stock! Poor Lindsay. But, it was a fun time anyway! Elizabeth and Beckett enjoyed passing toys back and forth for a while, until Elizabeth conked out about halfway there, temporarily depriving Beckett of a playmate!And here is Beckett, looking a little sad at having lost his playmate to slumber! (Haha...actually, he's a little trouper and it didn't faze him at all! He seemed quite happy and contented the whole trip...with or without her company!...I just somehow managed to catch him in a millisecond of looking forelorn. Such a little cutie!)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! XXOO!

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