Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mischief Maker

Elizabeth is into EVERYTHING these days! But it seems that sorting is one of her new favorite tasks! And by sorting, I mean removing items from their rightful spot and relocating them to a new home!

It's a kind of game that, as she has so skillfully demonstrated, can easily be applied to anything: diapers (moving them from the shelf on one side of her room to the rocking chair on the other...and back again--albeit not stacked as neatly as they once were!), Daddy's XBox games (piling them up on one side of her as she sits, then flinging them one at a time to the other side...then making a new stack and doing it all over again!), and even CDs, which, unlike the other rituals, seems to require no attempt at "clean up" at all--at least not on her part!...(she just sits under the computer table and pulls the CD cases out of the storage bin one at a time until she makes a huge sprawling pile...then she moves on to something else!)

At the close of this activity, Mommy has started singing the "clean up song"--come on, most of you other Mommies know this one! Sing it with me: "Clean up...clean up...everybody, everywhere...clean up...clean up...everybody do your share!"

So far, our version ends with "Mommy has to do your share!" And, although Elizabeth doesn't realize it yet, we're working on changing that!

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