Saturday, September 24, 2011

Minivan Madness!

We finally did it! Or, I should say...Mommy finally convinced
(sweet talked? guilted? begged?) Daddy to do it! We bought a MINIVAN!

And it's wonderful and fabulous and SO MUCH FUN! (See what I'm doing here? I'm trying to pretend that a minivan is just as cool as a sports car! Is it working??? Peter says NO.) But, no matter...I am determined to help him enthusiastically embrace this minivan moment in our lives b/c I know that this, too, shall pass...and before we know it, the girls will be all grown up and going to college! *tear* And, even he agrees that it was a smart purchase!

So, hurry--quickly!...before all the growing up happens, take a look at some photos of our new ride!
P.S. Bought this at CARMAX and it was the easiest car-buying experience EVER! Picked it out on the Internet...called to schedule a test drive...arrived at 7:30pm...drove out of there with our new car at 9:35pm! No hassle! A completely stress-free process that I highly recommend!