Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt...err...Race?

So...I mentioned that the girls participated in an Easter Egg Hunt at church today. But, to be honest, it was more like an Easter Egg RACE! It took place on a flat grassy place to really "hide" the eggs! So the kids were just in one big race to grab as many eggs as they can before they were all gone!

Elizabeth must have elbowed a few kids along the way... ;-) b/c she scored about 12 eggs out of the situation! We would offer this video as proof, but really, she was gone in a flash and Peter couldn't track her fast enough! Ashley, on the other hand, simply meandered about, not so interested in the collecting of eggs. She got two. And then Elizabeth kindly gave her two of the eggs out of her own basket. Awww.

By the way...the blur on the video is not your screen. It's finger smudges on our camera lens. All clean now, but that doesn't help our set of Easter photos or this video! :-/

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