Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to E!

Our Little Monkey turned FOUR today!
And she had a "mod monkey party" to celebrate the occasion!

Move over, Suri...this A-list Birthday Soiree was such a Can't-Miss-Event, the guests came from as far away as LA---and San Diego!--and Seattle! to celebrate with us!

E got some fun gifts from a whole bunch of people who love her and, of course, it made for an exciting, festive, and exhausting day!

Here's a video of her getting ready to take a spin on her scooter from Grandma & Grandpa! After a few attempts around the driveway for practice, she was definitely getting the hang of it. And she continued to wear the helmet long after she had moved on to a rousing game of "hide the ball" (And, btw, did I mention this particular game involved E "hiding" a giant pink 8-inch bouncy ball in the monkey the same plain sight...every. single. time? Just sayin'...) ;)


Carrie said...

Awe... looks like such a cute birthday party! That's so great the D&P clan was able to visit for the event :) And Elizabeth is so cute - the ball game.... ha ha ha! It's like when little kids play hide and seek and 'hide' somewhere in plain sight. It's so funny - it kills me!

Lucille29 said...

Monkey cake I love it!!!
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